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Investing in Our Most Valuable Asset

Putting Employee Safety and Satisfaction First

Plant Prefab| Published: Apr 24, 2022

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Report Highlight: Our Employees

The contents of this post are shared from the "Employees" section of our 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report. We produce this report annually to document key performance metrics and provide an inside look at how we upheld our values in social and environmental responsibility. Click here to read the full report.

2021 At a Glance

  • 20% increase in new jobs created year-over-year

  • 92% employee satisfaction rating, reflecting comprehensive training and career opportunities afforded by the company

  • 20.6% employee turnover rate compared to industry average of 65.5%, demonstrating high employee satisfaction

Year in Review

The continuation of the coronavirus pandemic in 2021 drove massive shifts in the U.S. labor market, with unprecedented numbers of workers parting ways with their employers.

Despite historic labor shortages, Plant Prefab’s ongoing commitment to employee safety, benefits, and development helped us maintain a low turnover rate—three times less than the industry average—while attracting top talent to expand our team.

Key hires included Plant Prefab’s first Chief Financial Officer and first Chief Revenue Officer to support capital-raising initiatives and customer acquisition. We also welcomed Plant Prefab’s first dedicated Safety and Quality Manager to lead risk mitigation and quality assurance programs. Notable 2021 initiatives included broadening our factory safety training and expanding our reporting practices to include all hazards and near misses. This heightened focus on safety awareness reduced the severity of workplace accidents and helped maintain best-in-class illness prevention: we recorded just seven cases of the coronavirus all year, with only one attributed to workplace transmission.

We expanded professional development opportunities throughout the organization, launching a new executive training track for female leaders. We promoted two women to senior leadership positions and supported the development of female managers with one-on-one coaching. In the factory, ongoing cross-training opportunities empowered production staff to learn a new skilled trade, and a new welding qualification program helped metal workers earn certification with the American Welding Society.

Welding in our Rialto, California factory

We also renovated our Rialto headquarters, creating more offices, meeting spaces, and electric vehicle charging stations for employees and visitors. We invested in new furniture, including ergonomic workstations with convertible stand-up desks and sound-proof booths for enhanced productivity. Factory renovations included a new, enlarged break room for production staff, complete with an upgraded kitchen, microwaves, coffee machines, big-screen televisions, and a reverse osmosis filtration system for purified drinking water.

As a socially responsible company, Plant Prefab has always focused on employee health and well-being. In the challenging 2021 labor market, we were honored to earn the continued trust and approval of our staff with a 92% employee satisfaction rating.

To learn more about our commitment to our employees and our mission to build a better world by design, view our 2021 Corporate Sustainability Report.


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