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Meet Nest, an innovative concept in multi-family housing. Nest isn’t a standard home "model," but a kit of parts—scalable and adaptable for use on any combination of typical urban lots. It was designed to address L.A.’s shortage of supportive housing for the homeless, providing the flexibility to meet the needs of each particular site, neighborhood, and bed count. Explore the entire Nest Toolkit to learn more.





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$57,900 per unit (multiple units required; volume pricing available)

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Based on design

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Brooks + Scarpa is a collective of architects, designers, and creative thinkers dedicated to enhancing the human experience. They have garnered international acclaim for the creative use of conventional materials in unique and unexpected ways and have pioneered more holistic ways of delivering af...

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Nest offers a variety of housing typologies, each with different units. Some separate kitchens, baths, and living rooms into dedicated units, whereas others offer units with integrated kitchens, baths, and living spaces. This allows clients to select the specific units, and arrangement of those units, to meet their project requirements. Since each unit is so different, the per-unit pricing listed here is for a basic unit that does not include room-specific finishes (like kitchen and bath fixtures, plumbing, and appliances) or exterior finishes (like sliding glass doors, roofing, and siding). Once the specific units have been chosen, and the arrangement of units determined, Plant will provide upfront pricing of everything that’s required to build and finish each unit. Volume pricing is available for larger projects. Plant will also provide a detailed estimate of the total project cost, including permits, site prep, delivery, and installation.