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The Plant Prefab

Fast, reliable,
and efficient.


Site-based construction is linear, requiring completion of the foundation before you can proceed to framing. It’s also subject to delays from weather and subcontractors.

We build your home in parallel with site work, in an indoor facility, with our own, full-time staff. Plus, most Plant homes arrive 90% complete and are installed in a single day. This saves you months of time, and saves your neighbors from months of construction noise, traffic, and mess.


Because fabrication happens in a controlled environment, independent from site work, it isn’t held up by the hiccups that occur on job sites. We’re able to give you a reliable schedule that you can depend on, and a knowledgeable project manager to pre-empt any issues before they arise.

Cost Efficiency

Our patented building system and parallel building process means less labor hours and less material waste. Plus, our rigorous sustainability standards ensure that Plant homes are far more energy-efficient than average homes, meaning lower utility bills for the life of the home.

Healthy, sustainable construction.

andvantages high-quality

Patented Plant
Building System

Advanced Engineering

Measuring twice is just the beginning. Before we make a single cut, we completely construct each project in our Plant Virtual Build System, allowing us to engineer every aspect of the design. This ensures that the fabrication phase is more efficient and precise, saving time, materials, and money.

High-Quality Construction

Plant’s construction process creates higher quality homes. Our full-time staff of skilled tradespeople, our controlled building environment, and our rigorous quality control procedures ensure superior craftsmanship.

We provide a level of scrutiny and quality assurance more common to manufacturing than construction—processes that are difficult (if not impossible) to replicate on a traditional job site.

Maximum Durability

Because modular buildings are transported, California requires that they are constructed to a more stringent building code than required by most local municipalities. We build all walls, floors, and ceilings on jigs, which ensures that they are level, straight, flush, and square. This process, which cannot be done on a traditional construction site, is a critical part of what makes Plant-built homes extremely strong and durable.

Let’s get started.


Work with our award-winning design studio to create your own unique home design.


Bring us plans from your architect for precise, efficient fabrication.

When I'm working on a problem, I never think about beauty. But when I'm finished, if the solution is not beautiful I know it's wrong.”

Buckminster Fuller

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