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A builder who
gets design.

Rooted in design.

Plant started as a residential design studio, collaborating with Ray Kappe, KieranTimberlake, and other leaders in the field to design and build homes more efficiently. We worked with ten different prefabricators, struggling to find one who met our standards for design integrity, quality, and sustainability.

We founded Plant Prefab as a solution. Our patented Plant Building System™ and factory were designed specifically for custom, architectural projects, empowering us to efficiently and precisely prefabricate unique designs.

Dependable quality and time savings.

Our factory processes offer exacting quality standards that are more akin to manufacturing than construction. Advanced engineering exposes any design or structural issues before production, and we build indoors, with all trades in-house. Construction occurs in tandem with site work and inspections are conducted right in our factory. Your client gets a reliable schedule that’s 20-50% faster than on-site construction.

Expert guidance.

We can help you determine if your project is a good fit for factory fabrication and walk you through the process of working with our factory. Then, our experienced team can review your plans and advise you on how to optimize your design for production. Be sure to contact us early in the process (ideally during schematic design).

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Here’s the full process.

Inspired designs, efficiently built.
See the results.




Designed for Living


Why choose Plant?

Your client’s project is efficiently constructed to your exact design specifications, in half the time of an on-site build. Rigorous quality control standards ensure superior craftsmanship and full-service project management ensures no surprises for you or your client.

Connect with us.

We offer lunch and learns as well as tours of our factory and show homes.

Have a project to discuss? Tell us about it and we can provide a detailed quote.

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Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.”

Julia Morgan