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Discover a smarter,
faster way to build
your projects.

Built to your spec.

The Plant Building System™ was designed for custom jobs, so we build to your exact specifications. Whether it’s high-end finishes or ADA compliance, we work with your architect (or you can work with ours) to meet your project’s unique needs and budget.

Fast and reliable.

Building with Plant cuts construction time in half:

  • Advanced engineering exposes any design, structural, or manufacturing issues before production even begins.

  • Vertical construction occurs in tandem with site work.

  • We build indoors, with all trades in-house, eliminating weather and staffing delays.

  • Inspections are conducted right in our factory, on regularly-scheduled intervals.

  • Rigorous quality control facilitates reliable, repeatable processes.


Drastically shorter timelines and reduced waste drives cost efficiency. And our location allows us to retain skilled labor that commands a high premium in most other construction markets.

Consistent, superior quality.

We build in a controlled environment, with highly-skilled, full-time tradespeople adhering to strict quality control procedures. And we build all walls, floors, and ceilings on special jigs to ensure that they are absolutely square, straight, flush, and level. These processes, which are not possible on a typical job site, help us achieve consistent, high-quality workmanship.

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Here’s how it works.

Inspired designs, efficiently built. See the results.






Why choose Plant?

Your project is expertly constructed to your exact design specifications, in half the time of an on-site build. You save money and get a reliable production schedule you can depend on.

Tell us how we can support your project.

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You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site.”

Frank Lloyd Wright