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Beautifully designed.
Ready to build.

LivingHomes are award-winning designs that you customize with your choice of finishes, fixtures, appliances, and smart home tech.

    Created by world-renowned architects.

    We partner with leading architects and designers to make world-class design accessible to all.

    Sizes, styles,
    and options galore.

    LivingHomes range in size from efficient accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to multi-family homes, and offer a wide selection of interior and exterior finishes, fixtures, appliances, and smart home technology.

    Some models can even be customized right on our website, using our 3D home design configurator!

    Built to last.

    Plant’s patented building system, highly-skilled tradespeople, and strict materials standards provide a level of quality that simply isn’t possible in traditional construction. And we stand by our work with one of the best warranties in the industry.

    Healthy and sustainable.

    Our uncompromising environmental health and sustainability standards ensure that every LivingHome is:

    • Extremely healthy, with excellent indoor air quality

    • Extremely energy-efficient

    • Built as responsibly as possible

    Choose a design and make it yours.

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    Anatomy of a LivingHome

    Sustainability can’t be like some sort of a moral sacrifice or political dilemma or a philanthropical cause. It has to be a design challenge.”

    Bjarke Ingels

    Find a home that fits you.

    From efficient to spacious, practical to luxury, there’s a LivingHome for almost every style and budget.

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    Here’s how it works.

    Other ways to work with Plant.

    Custom Design

    Work with our award-winning design studio to create your own unique home design.

    Custom Construction

    Bring us plans from your architect for precise, efficient prefabrication.