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A new kind
of prefab.

Introducing the
Plant Building

We founded Plant with one goal: Make it faster and easier to build high-quality, sustainable, architectural housing. Traditional modular construction and panelized systems didn’t meet our needs, so we designed and patented our own solution: the Plant Building System™.

The Plant Building System is a hybrid solution combining a new kind of panel with highly specialized modules, driven by advanced engineering. The system delivers far greater design flexibility, transportation efficiency, and time savings than any other method of prefabricated construction.

How we got here

Better building blocks.

The Plant Building System utilizes specialized panels and modules developed by Plant. Improving upon existing panelized systems (like SIPs), which only incorporate framing and insulation, Plant Panels™ can also include plumbing, electrical, and finish materials.

Plant Panels can be used on their own, assembled into “core” Plant Modules™ for kitchens, baths, or mechanical rooms, or built into fully-volumetric Plant Modules that comprise entire rooms or sections of a project.

An optimal solution for every job.

Using the Plant Building System, a single design could be constructed in an almost infinite number of ways—mostly Plant Panels, mostly Plant Modules, or any combination thereof. The panel and module sizes can vary. This flexibility empowers us to devise the most efficient building solution for every job, optimizing production to the specific project design, budget, installation location, and lot conditions.

How this works


The Plant Building System includes all the tools required to achieve maximum efficiency from design, to manufacturing, installation, and completion. Advanced engineering translates plans into virtual building instructions faster, and far more precisely, than traditional methods. Flexible component design allows for climate-specific construction to achieve optimal thermal performance and durability. Detailed, step-by-step installation instructions ensure efficient assembly and finish work.

Fast. Flexible. Feasible.

Time savings.

The Plant Building System achieves significant time savings over traditional construction by building in a controlled environment, in parallel with site work. Plus, we're able to complete up to 90% of the finish work right in our factory.

Design flexibility.

The Plant Building System can be used to construct almost any design, in any style of architecture, for any housing typology—from single-family and multifamily homes, to hospitality, healthcare, and student housing.

Transportation efficiency.

The Plant Building System drastically reduces the barriers of conventional modular construction. With flexibility in component size and shape, more job sites are accessible and more projects are feasible for prefab.

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