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Plant Prefab Offers AIA-Accredited Course “Designing for Prefabrication”

Leading Sustainable Prefab Developer Is Now an Official AIA Continuing Education Provider

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RIALTO, California – April 13 2021: Plant Prefab, the nation’s first Certified B Corporation™ custom prefabricated design and construction company, is pleased to announce its official status as an American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education Provider, and its first AIA-accredited course, “Designing for Prefabrication.” The course will be administered by Steve Glenn, Plant Prefab’s Founder and CEO, and Amy Sims, Plant Prefab’s VP of Design.

“Prefabrication can offer a number of advantages over traditional construction, from time and materials savings, to superior quality control and cost efficiencies,” says Glenn. “With an acute shortage of skilled construction labor across the country, interest in prefabrication is growing among architects and their clients. To meet that demand, we’re pleased to be offering a first-of-its-kind AIA-accredited course geared towards helping architects understand how to design their custom residential projects for offsite construction and find a prefabricator.”

Plant’s course is derived from more than fifteen years of experience designing homes for prefabrication. The company evolved from LivingHomes, the residential design studio Glenn founded in 2006. Sims was part of the founding team, and for more than a decade they used other prefabricators to build their projects. These experiences imparted a wealth of knowledge about prefabricated processes—knowledge they leveraged to create Plant and to support the architects whose projects they build. As an AIA Continuing Education Provider, this knowledge is now available to all architects.

“Single-family homes and small multi-family projects haven’t been the focus for most manufacturers given the inherent complexity of prefabricating custom, architectural projects,” says Glenn. “However, with more prefabricators like Plant addressing this market, architects want to understand how they can leverage the emerging technology. As a design-driven company that focuses solely on custom, residential projects, we’re excited to share our expertise with other architects.”

The goal of Plant’s course is to provide an overview of prefabrication, basic design principles, and how prefabrication expands upon the capabilities of site-based construction. The one-hour course provides insights into the custom prefabrication process, including site, design, and engineering criteria and how the use of technology is optimizing the process. The course also includes how to evaluate and choose a prefabricator based on specific project attributes, so design professionals can begin taking advantage of the many benefits of prefabricated construction for their own residential projects.

Courses will be administered by request and conducted digitally (via webinar) until it is advisable to resume in-person meetings. To request a course, visit


With a mission to build a better world by design, Plant Prefab makes it faster and more efficient to build custom, high-quality, healthy, single-family and multi-family homes. Plant Prefab is the first Certified B Corporation™ custom prefabricated design and construction company dedicated to sustainable building, materials, processes, and operations.

All Plant Prefab’s projects are prefabricated in the company's 62,000-square-foot homebuilding factory in Rialto, CA utilizing the Plant Building System™. Combining advanced engineering with Plant Panels™ and Plant Modules™, specialized components designed and patented by Plant, the Plant Building System provides greater design flexibility, quality control, and time and cost efficiencies than both site-based construction and conventional prefabricated approaches while minimizing the negative impact on energy, water, and resources. Clients can work with any architect they choose, including Plant Prefab's award-winning, in-house design studio.

Plant Prefab is defining a new standard in residential home design and construction, helping individuals, architects, and developers efficiently design and build high-quality, cost-efficient, healthy homes. Plant Prefab was funded by Amazon, Obvious Ventures, and others.

In 2019, Plant Prefab committed to full carbon neutrality in their operations by 2028, the first prefabricated home builder to announce a net zero goal.

Plant Prefab homes have garnered significant industry recognition including the AIA’s top sustainable award, Architizer’s Jury and People Choice Awards, Green Builder Magazine’s Home of Year, Business 2.0’s ‘World’s 11 Coolest Products,’ and Businessweek’s “Architectural Wonders of the World.” Nearly thirty Plant Prefab homes have been certified LEED for Homes Platinum, including the first home ever to achieve the certification.