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Sustainable Prefab Home Installed at Squaw Valley in Just 15 Hours

  • Four Module Home Constructed Off-site In Two Months by Plant Prefab,Reducing Total Construction Time by Half

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RIALTO, California – November 7, 2019: Plant Prefab, the nation’s first prefabricated design and manufacturing company dedicated to sustainable construction, materials, processes and operations, completed a 15-hour installation of a new 2,630 square foot prefabricated home with a 599 square foot garage at The Palisades at Squaw Valley in Olympic Valley, CA, designed by The Brown Studio.

The 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom private single family home, which like all Plant Prefab homes was built offsite at the company’s Rialto, California factory, comprises of four modular units. To ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, a portion of the home and a section of the roof were built as panels and then shipped to and assembled on-site, showcasing the flexibility in Plant Prefab’s innovative approach to custom prefabrication.

The construction marks the first time that Plant Prefab has built a prefabricated home with a combination of modular units and panels that were manufactured by Plant Prefab. The unique approach allowed for more design flexibility than typically found in modular construction. It also allowed for shorter construction time, greater cost efficiencies than a panel-only approach and significant cost savings due to decreased shipping costs. Additionally, the panels themselves arrived on-site finished with insulation, windows, electrical boxes and drywall already installed.

The new residence is a prime example of Plant Prefab’s commitment to design and superior quality. It seamlessly blends the technology of prefab building with the sensitivity of traditional construction and showcases Plant Prefab’s unique building process, which takes half the time of traditional on-site construction.

“At Plant Prefab, we are strongly committed to simplifying the building process by finding the most efficient design and construction solution for each home, while making homes healthier and more sustainable,” states Plant Prefab Founder and CEO Steve Glenn. “Our mission is to make the process of building a custom home, designed by any architect, easier and more time and cost efficient to build. The Brown Studio’s holistic design and build approach makes them a perfect architect for this home, which showcases Plant Prefab’s custom construction capabilities.”

“This home showcases a uniquely high-touch approach to modular building,” says Rory Brown, Principal Interior Designer at The Brown Studio. “In keeping with Plant Prefab’s commitment to superior quality and attention to detail, we focused our attention on materials, colors, forms and light to give each room of the house a delicate yet comfortable look and feel.”

Central to the focus of the home was to create thoughtfully curated interior design and architectural elements that fit the surrounding beauty of Squaw Valley, by taking the breathtaking views, natural light and sightlines into account. Honoring Plant Prefab’s ethos of sustainable building, a central focus of the design and installation of the home was to protect and maintain the existing site.

The new dwelling is the first of four that Plant Prefab will be building for The Palisades at Squaw Valley, each designed by The Brown Studio. The next three units are slated to be installed by January 2020.

Every Plant Prefab home is built in the company’s own 62,000 square foot purpose-built, custom homebuilding factory to exacting quality standards, following a rigorous sustainability program that minimizes the negative impact on energy, water, indoor air quality and material resources.

With a mission to make it faster and more cost-effective to build custom, high quality, healthy, single- and multi-family homes, Plant Prefab is the first prefabricated residential design and construction company dedicated to sustainable building, materials, processes, and operations. All Plant Prefab’s projects are prefabricated in the company's 62,000-square-foot home factory in Rialto, CA, with a patented building system that reduces build time by at least 50% over traditional construction while minimizing construction's negative impact on energy, water, and resources. Clients can work with any architect they choose, or they can use Plant Prefab's award-winning, in-house design studio.

Plant Prefab is defining a new standard in residential home design and construction, helping individuals, architects and developers alike efficiently design and build high-quality, cost-efficient, healthy homes. Plant Prefab was funded by Amazon, Obvious Ventures, and others.

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