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Custom Residence Hall Designed by NYU Design


Berkeley, CA


Urban Adamah


6600 sq. ft.

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NYU Design

When nonprofit, educational farm and community center Urban Adamah wanted to add a dormitory to their campus, Plant Prefab was the logical choice: The organization had worked with Plant to build their offices, and wanted the same high-quality craftsmanship, efficient process, and minimal disruption when building their residence hall. Plus, Plant’s commitment to sustainability aligned perfectly with Urban Adamah’s mission to build loving, just, and sustainable communities. 

A custom design was created to meet the center’s needs: The residence hall sleeps 16, with eleven bedrooms, three shared multi-stall bathrooms, one private bathroom, a large communal kitchen, a living room, dining room, program space, and outdoor patio. The designs were then prefabricated as 16 separate modules at Plant’s Rialto, CA factory, incorporating energy, water, and resource-efficient materials including engineered lumber and mini-duct air distribution and ventilation systems that improve indoor air quality.

As considerate community members—Urban Adamah donates ninety percent of what’s grown in their farm to area shelters and food pantries—the organization wanted to limit the disruptive effects of construction on their neighborhood. Accordingly, installation of the 6,600-square-foot dormitory was completed in just two days, minimizing the impact on the surrounding community.


6600 sq. ft.

Plant Modules



2 days

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